A Bunch Of Nazis Gang-Assaulted Up A Guy For Saying Whites Aren’t Oppressed

Ever since Friday, a horrified nation has watched Donald Trump’s base terrorizes a Virginia city. Friday and Saturday’s gathering of the “alt-Right” (the latest attempt for Nazis and other racists to rebrand themselves) has featured a torch-wielding crowd of Nazis screaming about white genocide and “n*ggers” as well as a massive, deliberate vehicular assault on “dozens” of counter-protesters that resulted in at least one death.

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Things are so bad that the city of Charlottesville was forced to declare a state of emergency and disperse the right-wing rally, especially since roaming — what do you call a group of Nazis? A Gaggle? Flock? We’ll go with “gaggle” — gaggles of Trump supporters are apparently singling out and beating up old men now.

Vocal Trump fan and white supremacist “Baked Alaska” and a crowd of his moronic friends cornered a man who says he works at the Southern Poverty Law Center to demand he explain why the SPLC doesn’t focus on “anti-white racism.”

“You’re a f*cking idiot, get a f*cking job,” a ginger-bearded Nazi screams at the gentleman.

“How much work has the SPLC done to counter anti-white racism?” Another Nazi asks the man.

“Anti-white racism?” the gentleman repeats as though it’s the dumbest f*cking question he’s ever heard.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” background Nazis can be heard saying as though the person who had asked the question had just become King Nazi through his brilliant wit.

A woman then jumps in to whine that the SPLC supports “Black Lives Matter who call for the death of white people.” It’s worth noting that she sounds an awful lot like the woman who was caught on video Friday night telling a protester, “You sound like a n*gger.” An awful lot. Here’s video for comparison:

“You don’t think racism against whites is a problem?” asked King Nazi.

“No, not in this country,” the gentleman replied as a Background Nazi screamed “OH MY GOD.”

The video then cuts to “SPLC guy” asking Mr. Alaska why all of his friends are neo-Nazis and why he marches with them, which led to the most hilarious responses in the history of stupid responses:

Every time you call me a Nazi, I get more powerful.”

“You’re a f*ggot, get the fuck out of here,” Alaska helpfully adds.

“This guy’s stalking me, he’s been following me,” “Baked Alaska” says loudly as one of the Background Nazis knocks the gentleman’s hat off his head. When he retaliates by flipping Baked guy’s hat off his head, the Nazis swarm him and knock him to the ground.

“This dude just fucking hit me,” Alaska screams despite contact only being made with his hat. “He fucking hit me. He fucking hit me.”

“I saw it,” another Nazi lied.

“He hit me in the face,” Alaska said as he continued to whine.

Then he ran away like all Nazis when presented with any kind of resistance.

Watch it below:

This incident was recorded early Saturday morning before the state of emergency was declared.

featured image via screengrab

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