28 States Tell Trump And His ‘Voter Fraud’ Panel To Go F*ck Themselves In A Single Day


Donald Trump’s ego just took a beating from over half the states in the nation.

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Furious over not winning the popular vote in the 2016 Election, Trump retaliated by accusing 3 million Americans of voting illegally without offering any evidence whatsoever and he created a “voter fraud” panel designed to prove that he isn’t a big loser.

Well, Trump was handed a humiliating defeat on Friday after 28 states told him to go f*ck himself by refusing to cooperate with a request from the “voter fraud” panel asking states to hand over sensitive and private voter information such as date of birth, Social Security numbers, party affiliation, voting records, names, and addresses.

Basically, the panel sent their letter and the states laughed in their face.

And that includes red states as well.

When Mississippi’s Republican Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann received the request he told Trump’s panel to “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Indiana’s Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson also refused to comply with the panel’s request.

“Indiana law doesn’t permit the Secretary of State to provide the personal information requested by Secretary Kobach,” Lawson said. “Under Indiana public records laws, certain voter info is available to the public, the media and any other person who requested the information for non-commercial purposes. The information publicly available is name, address and congressional district assignment.”

Texas and Wisconsin agreed to release information that is already public, but refused everything else. Apparently, even rejections are bigger in Texas.

Oregon’s secretary of state told the panel they would have to pay money to the state to see the information they seek. Looks like Trump will have to open his wallet.

Arizona, Ohio, Utah, Tennessee, Montana, Iowa, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota and many other states also rejected Trump’s request.

Here’s the best part.

Even Kansas rejected the panel’s request. That’s hilarious considering the panel chair is none other than bigoted voter ID-obsessed Trump buddy Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

“In Kansas, the Social Security number is not publicly available,” Kobach said, “Every state receives the same letter, but we’re not asking for it if it’s not publicly available.”

That’s an epic fail.

In fact, it’s such an epic fail that Trump took to Twitter to bitch about it on Saturday morning.

Yep, it must suck when over half the country tells you to go f*ck yourself. But Trump brought this on himself by refusing to acknowledge that he lost the popular vote fair and square.

Featured Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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