28 People Killed In Arkansas Club; Here’s What Trump Decided To Tweet

If there’s anything Donald Trump needs to do at this very moment, it’s resign. He needs to step down from pretending to lead, because he clearly doesn’t want the job. No greater case of this happened than with what happened within the past 24 hours.

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If you’re not aware, there was a terrible shooting Friday night in a nightclub in Arkansas where 28 people were shot.

The Little Rock Police Department tweeted out:

#UPDATE 28 injured in the W 6th Street Shooting, 25 from GSW’s and 3 from unrelated injuries. At this time, ALL are expected to survive.”


Want to know what our supreme leader is concerned with right now? Nope. Not a peep about the mass shooting. He’s too concerned with CNN and various news anchors.

Trump tweeted out:


Then this about a fake voter idea problem:

Then this about CNN:

And the topping on the cake:

And several hours later, still nothing. Don’t know about you, but that’s pretty damn disgusting. He clearly cares more about what other people think of him and are saying about him personally than the lives and well-being of those he was elected by the Electoral College to lead.

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