24 States Stand Up To Trump In The Best Possible Way And It’s Glorious

While Donald Trump may claim that the media is “fake” and that the American people are by his side, over 20 states just told him to go jump off a cliff.

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In fact, twenty-four states have defied Trump’s request for sensitive voter information data, as they are refusing to turn over personal information to the unstable president.

Ari Berman of The Nation has the updated list of states, here:

According to Politicus, the panel which was born out of Trump’s false belief that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote because of people voting illegally has turned into another black eye and a complete disaster  for this White House.

The Trump administration has failed to comment, but my guess is that this swamp of an administration will probably go after the states that refuse to turn over the voter data, and then Trump will get his tiny little fingers on Twitter to rant about how horrible these states have been over the past years, etc. After that, he’ll have his little stooge of a spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway, (who can’t even keep up with his lies) go on T.V. and gripe over how poorly the president is being treated. And the saga continues….





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