YOU’RE FIRED: Trump Ironically Axed From His OWN Show (VIDEO)

And “BOOM!” goes the dynamite…

Chairman Bob Greenblatt announced today that the show would not be returning next season, however it would return at some time in the future with a new host.

The announcement was made at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, following a very long line of extremely offensive, racist, and downright trollish things Trump has said. These same things have inexplicably skyrocketed him to #1 in the running to be the Republican presidential nominee for 2016.

NBC had announced it was cutting ties with Trump about a month ago, however it only made it official today with the announcement.

Despite all this, Trump’s lead in the polls is increasing.

If it was any other year (or maybe if this was any other person), after the one-man asshat jamboree that Trump has carried on during this primary season, his candidacy would have been one huge goose egg written off in the annals of American political side shows. However, this is a self inflicted wound that the Republicans have brought upon themselves and they can’t blame it on those dirty Liberals this time.

Ever since Obama became the nominee before his first term began, Republicans and the miscellaneous right wing mediasphere have been cashing in big time by promoting and provoking the absolute worst racists, confederates, bigots, know-nothings and other conservative dregs in their base. After that, they were left with nobody to pander to but them.

To sum it up: you can reply to one of your crazy uncle’s emails thanking him for making TV a little bit brighter.

Watch the report about Trump officially being fired from Celebrity Apprentice in the video below, courtesy of The Young Turks:

Featured image via the NY Post

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