What Did Trump Campaign Buy At Barnes And Noble With $55,000? Twitter Has Some Ideas (TWEETS)

It’s no big surprise that the Donald Trump campaign has done some weird things. From nasty tweets directed at the pope to a “Wall of Shame” with pictures of the other GOP candidates (updated as they dropped out) to his bizarre speeches, we’ve come to expect the unexpected when it comes to The Donald.

Much has been made of Trump’s “self-funded” campaign and his recent push for donations but it’s his spending that’s really interesting. For example, those hats he loves cost him over $207, 000 a month. Also in May, Trump spent $35,000 at “Draper Sterling,” supposedly a web advertising firm but sounds more like the firm from the TV show, Mad Men.

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Trump’s campaign staff in May was very small yet he somehow managed to rack up about the same in hotel bills — just shy of $300,000 — as Hillary Clinton’s staff of 700+. Those room service meals really add up.

But, perhaps the oddest expenditure was the over $55,000 the campaign spent at Barnes & Noble. Now, we all know that Trump is not a big reader so what could he possibly have bought? The Internet abhors a vacuum, as we all know, and was quick to make suggestions. The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi tweeted out:

And the game was on. Many people played off of Trump’s “Art of the Deal”:

Some suggested other books Trump could have bought:

And other items:

One person noted that, to be fair, it’s hard to not spend at a book store:

I know that if I had $55,000 at my disposal, I could easily spend it at B&N. Maybe someone in the Trump campaign is the same. Because it’s hard to believe that Trump does any reading… of books that he didn’t write, anyway.

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