Watch Stephen Colbert Expose Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy In The Best Way Possible

If there’s one thing Republicans lack, it’s a sense of humor. Over the last few months we have seen several failed attempts at comedy from Republican candidates whose idea of political banter ranges from Ted Cruz’s cringe-worthy holiday campaign ad, where he reads several Christmas classics to his children which have been tragically satirized to attack Democrats, to Jeb Bush’s nauseating selfie monologue that left his mostly elderly audience scratching their heads in bewilderment.

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Although most Republicans are about as funny as John Boehner after 3 glasses of Scotch, they do make for excellent comedy fodder.

On “The Late Show” Thursday night, comedic genius Stephen Colbert once again showed America why he is the undisputed heavyweight champ of political satire. In a hilarious segment aimed at pointing out the hypocrisy of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, Colbert created what can only be called a masterful piece of Trumpception, as he hosted a Trump VS Trump debate. Only minutes into the segment it becomes very apparent that not only is Donald Trump a narcissist and a shameless self-promoter, but he is also a conniving carnival barker with zero integrity, who will say anything at any particular moment if he thinks it will give him a political advantage.

Bravo to Stephen Colbert’s brilliant segment that so clearly shows Donald Trump for what he is — a pandering buffoon that is barely qualified to run a Casino much less the office of the Presidency.




Video Courtesy The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via YouTube

Screengrab via YouTube

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