Watch The First Republican In History Endorse The Murdering Of Cops (VIDEO)

Nevada Assemblywoman, Michele Fiore (Republican – because of course she is), has made history by becoming the first Republican that has openly told the public at large that it’s OK to shoot police officers. Watch her say it in the video below.

This isn’t a joke, she seriously is suggesting that it’s fine to kill cops if you think they’re aiming a gun at you.

This is a real picture of her from a “glamour calendar” she made of herself. Yes this is a real elected official.


Fiore has had what can only be called an embarrassingly notorious history in public office. As is usual for your tea-bagging, gun loving, know-nothing she has a history of fraud, an irrational obsession with guns and shooting people, and massive amounts of debt.

She used to run a “health service” company until she found out that she needed to follow the law and have regulatory inspections of her business. She ignored requests to do so, and as a result, her license got revoked. This is probably for the best because she was also the same person who once said cancer is a “fungus” that can be cured completely by using an IV solution of baking soda. No, that isn’t an exaggeration. She literally said it. She also, at one time, had approximately 1 million dollars in unpaid taxes.

You can see how these different “qualifications” make her a right-wing darling. Now comes the big question: Will Republicans denounce her statement advocating for the killing of law enforcement officers? Will they give up on saying “Blue Lives Matter?” It’s great watching them squirm when one of their more colorful members says something honest and stupid like this.

Watch the first Republican endorsement for the murder of police officers below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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