WATCH: Survivor Furious Over ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Being Used At Kim Davis Rally – May Sue (VIDEO)

Not long after Kim Davis was publicly martyred by Mike Huckabee and used as reaffirmation of the lighter side of bigotry and hatred in America, the band Survivor took to their official Facebook page and completely slammed the unauthorized theft of their song Eye Of The Tiger as her anthem.

Survivor Statement

Survivor Statement. Photo: Screen Capture via Survivor Official Facebook. 

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Survivor has also threatened legal action over the unauthorized use and public performance of their music. Kim sure can’t catch a break as far as the courts go can she?

This song, which is great, was used in the movie Rocky III. I enjoyed this movie a great deal. Now I will never be able to watch it, or hear the song again, without thinking about this woman who looks like Dick Cheney impersonating Kathy Bates from Stephen King’s Misery again. Thanks a lot Huck, you damned jerk. 

Featured Image: Youtube Screen Capture
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