Watch Stephen Colbert’s Cartoon Trump Make A Mockery Of The Immature GOP Frontrunner

Like most in the media, I find it almost impossible to escape the depraved gravity of Donald Trump as it pulls me, kicking and screaming, past the event horizon of logic, beyond the threshold of civility, and deep into the black hole of hateful rhetoric that occurs every time Trump opens his mouth. And, as the Trump-Hole continues to cause the Republican party to collapse in on itself, eventually the GOP will reach a singularity of stupidity and vanish into the great abyss that is the 2016 Republican Primary.

Over the past few weeks of writing various articles about the bombastic Republican candidate, I have begun to feel less like a writer and more like a grade-school teacher who is sending a note home about a child’s inappropriate behavior. While many may revel in Donald Trump’s shameful antics, cheering him on like a schoolyard mob applauds a bully who knocks a weaker kid off the monkey bars, we will all have to pay a very real price for allowing our stately tradition of open debate and the free exchange of ideas to be turned into a sleazy reality show hosted by a modern day political charlatan.

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With the super delegate debacle currently happening in the DNC, and Donald Trump’s shanghai of the GOP, it seems our Democracy is in shambles, however, our comedy has never been better.

On the “Late Show” this week, master of political satire, Stephen Colbert, ingeniously mocked Trump’s immature behavior along the campaign trail by interviewing a 2-dimensional cartoon version of Donald Trump that, ironically, seems to have more substance than the actual GOP frontrunner.

Much like the real Trump (whoever that may be on any particular day) “Cartoon Trump” responded to Colbert’s direct questions about his behavior with all the maturity of a petulant child and justified his actions by lamenting,

He started it, unless it makes America great again, in which case I started it.

Cartoon Trump then went on to call Anderson Cooper a “dumb-dumb”, “stupid-head”, and “a total poopy-pants.”

While this may be a satirical case of art imitating life, the immature ramblings of Colbert’s “Cartoon Trump”, is a scary reminder of just how far the Republican party has declined. They are now held hostage by an all powerful man-child that they themselves created by engaging in a 7-year campaign of obstruction, fear mongering, and creating an almost delusional mistrust of the federal government.

Watch Colbert’s Brilliant Take Down Of Donald Trump Courtesy Of The Late Show,


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