WATCH: Republican Sheriff Goes On Epic Rant Destroying His Own Party

As the host of the political radio show, The Ignorance Equation, I see political trends and ideologies come and go on a regular basis. Over the past five years I have watched Republicans go from an angry bloodthirsty mob of extremists to a frustrated and confused group of voters who don’t understand why rampant obstructionism hasn’t fixed our political system.

Republican talking points like “making the super wealthy pay their fair share in taxes is socialism” and “corporations should not be taxed or regulated because the free market will punish those who abuse their power” are no longer accepted ideologies among the average Republican voter.

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More and more I see Republicans speak out against things that were once considered leftist quasi-socialist agendas like repealing “Citizens United” and investing in infrastructure. It seems the average 45 year old conservative may finally be coming to the realization that they are never going to be a billionaire hedge-fund manager or get invited to some pharmaceutical president’s glamorous yacht party.

Case in point, this past Tuesday the Republican Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Newell Normand, delivered a very explicit warning to the people of his district, where he tore into the Republican leadership lamenting,

What a mess. Bobby Jindal was a better cult leader than Jim Jones.  We drank the elixir for eight years, we remained in a conscious state, we walked to the edge of the cliff, we jumped off and he watched us. And guess what? Unlike Jim Jones, he did not swallow the poison. What a shame.

Normand also went on to say,

We have to just say no! I’m a Republican but I’m not a hypocrite. We have to look at ourselves critically as a party and figure out where we are and what we’re going to be about.

And he added,

And I have to listen to my Republican counterparts talk about gobbledigook. Blah, blah blah… And I’m so sick and tired of hearing: Obama, Obama, Obama. You know how much intellect it takes to blame something on somebody else? This much!, Propose a solution. Work together.

Which may seem pretty level-headed coming from a very conservative southern sheriff who fully endorsed Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal only a short few years prior. Perhaps Republicans’ change in tone is because the average working class Republican is finally sick of the pandering, fear mongering, and propaganda they once embraced as practical weapons against their enemies, but they are now regretting it since the GOP has been hijacked by a Frankenstein monster of their own making by the name of Donald Trump.

In fact, Republicans have many reasons to be angry with their leadership, mainly because Republican Governors have turned states like Kansas, Wisconsin and Kentucky into financial sinkholes, with Louisiana fairing no better since Bobby Jindal won office 2008, causing his state to suffer a 2.5 million dollar shortfall resulting in the hacking and slashing of such critical programs as education and Medicaid.

With the GOP now being controlled by an enraged and delusional group of Tea Party Extremists, and sporting lunatics like Trump and Cruz as their Presidential front runners, it’s hard to predict if what we are witnessing is the total destruction of the Republican Party, or if more reasonable conservatives will bring some semblance of structure and order back to the Grand Old Party.

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Whatever the outcome, the sad truth is America will continue to lose as Republicans sort out the disastrous mess they have made of their party and our country in the process.

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