WATCH: Republican Establishment Terrified Of Trump, Threatens To Ban Him From Debates (VIDEO)

If it wasn’t official, it sure is now. The Republican establishment is 100% terrified of Donald Trump. Reince Prebus (yes that is his real name) released a statement saying that the Republican National Committee may bar Trump from future debates and withhold valuable campaign data from him if he does not swear an oath to Republicans to NOT run as a third party candidate.

According to renowned investigative journalist Ben Swann, founder of Truth In Media, the Republican National Convention believes that its alleged status as “private club” gives it the right to prevent 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump from participating in anymore primary debates.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus reportedly asked all the Republican candidates “to pledge that they will not make a third-party run” and hinted that “[t]hose who do not pledge might not get an invite to future Republican candidate debates.”

Source: The Federalist Papers

No matter how badly Trump behaves, his popularity just grows more and more. He is like trying to kill Ebola with a fly swatter.

If Trump turns his one man asshat jamboree into an actual third party run, this would all but guarantee a Democratic win. I seriously want to see this clownshow go all the way to the final debates now. Republicans are so upset by all this, but it is their own idiot selves that have brought this on. They pandered for years to the worst of the worst in their party. Now they have to lie in the filth they created. I seriously don’t think they could have done worse in the combination of pandering and the current field of candidates if a group of particularly vengeful democrats planned it that way. Way to go nitwits. Assemble into that circular firing squad and all pull the trigger when I say “Planned Parenthood”.

Featured image via Government Executive
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