Watch President Obama Make Comedy Magic With… John Boehner? (VIDEO)

For the majority of us, Former House Speaker John Boehner was like Grumpy Cat; he never smiled and you didn’t knew if he even could. When he wasn’t crying or just flat-out drunk, his primary task was to keep the Tea Party extremist wing of his party in check. The latter of the two eventually got to him and he resigned. And that might have been the best thing he could personally do; it has given him a chance to be human and have a sense of humor.

Since his time as House Speaker was mostly known for saying “No” ( and sometimes “Hell No!“), Boehner played a role in President Obama’s last White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

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After mocking his Republican opponents and offering some equally funny jabs at his fellow Democrats, the president showed an incredibly funny clip of what his post-presidency will look like. The video featured some funny moments from Vice President Joe Biden, but it was Boehner who stole the show. I never thought I’d see John Boehner being funny, but then I also never thought Donald Trump could win votes.

Watch the candid and funny comedy segment below:

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