WATCH: Obama ‘Runs The Tape Back’ On His GOP Critics And You Can Hear Right Wing Heads Explode (VIDEO)

Ah, The age of video. Today, there is a camera everywhere. Yesterday, The President was speaking and taking questions at a Town Hall event in Cleveland, Ohio and of course the cameras were there. The President masterfully (and finally) started tooting his own horn for some of his achievements in office.

Unfortunately for the GOP, the cameras have been rolling all through Obama’s Presidency, including a lot of footage of the right’s “doom and gloom” propaganda. Last night, MSNBC’s Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell put together a great clip showing the president calling out some of those ideologically-driven critics along with clips of those same critics predicting his, and sometimes America’s, demise.

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WATCH the epic take down HERE:

The President not only called out these GOP hucksters at the event, he called for a renewal of the debate about so called “trickle down” economics. A theory that has roots going back to the 19th century with conservative ideologues, but has enjoyed it’s greatest popularity with modern right wingers, despite being clear that when put into practice, it usually does more harm than good to the economy. Unless of course, you are a billionaire or own your own investment bank.

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