WATCH: New Hillary Clinton Ad Uses Republicans To Absolutely Destroy Trump (VIDEO)

With Ted Cruz deciding to drop out of the race to spend more time creeping out his own family, as well as John Kasich realizing that not even his own wife would vote for him, and thus dropping out as well, the bit*chy orange mean girl, Donald Trump, is the presumptive GOP nominee. Indeed, what started out as a mere joke has now morphed into a full-blown, bio-hazard level 3 dumpster fire.

Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders has yet to concede to Hillary after just decisively winning the Indiana Primary, Hillary Clinton appears to be on track to securing the Democratic nomination. This means that from now until November, we will all be forced to endure the whiny woman throwing mud at Hillary Clinton. However, Hillary appears to have thrown the first grenade.

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The only thing is Clinton didn’t make it in her own words; the ad is a compilation of combative things Trump’s fellow Republicans have said about him during the party’s nomination campaign. For example, Mitt Romney calls Trump a misogynist, Marco Rubio claims he’s the most “vulgar person to ever aspire to the presidency,” and Jeb Bush says Trump “needs therapy.”  And those are the kinder things said.

Watch the ad below:

Featured image via screen capture

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