WATCH: Muslims Called Evil Terrorists By Racists At Town Hall Meeting (VIDEO)

Maybe I’m an idiot for trying to understand the irrational fear of many conservatives who are terrified of “radical Islamic” terrorists but think nothing of the homegrown, right-wing, Christian terrorists who are a clear and present threat to America. The only way I can understand the irrationality is to compare it to my fear of flying. I know it is far safer than driving, yet I lament every time I board a plane and never think twice before getting into my car.

But there is a big difference between my self-inflicted torture every time I go to an airport and the potential violence that the right-wing propaganda provokes. This video shows you exactly how ridiculous and dangerous the past forty years of propaganda have been — with special emphasis on the narratives woven since 9-11.

In this video, a hulking man makes it clear at a Spotsylvania County, Virginia town hall that he believes all Muslims are terrorists. “Every single” Muslim, despite the evidence to the contrary, is a terrorist. He’s followed by a second man who eloquently stated:

Muslims is [sic] evil!

The town hall convened because an Islamic center needed a permit to build. The community made it clear that they not only did not want the center, they also felt that Muslims were all terrorists and evil.

And before anyone believes that, perhaps, this was simply the sentiment of a few extremists, the audience members applauded both bigoted speeches.

Never mind the fact that there have been more Americans killed by gun violence since 9-11 than Islamic terrorism. Never mind white, right-wing, Christian terrorists in the United States have plagued the nation for years and perpetuate domestic terrorism.

Perhaps their irrational fear of Islam in America is much like my irrational fear of flying. That fear comforts me every moment of the flight because somehow it makes me feel in control, and I think that if for one moment I let go of that fear, the plane will crash. Never mind the statistics to the contrary. Maybe that’s how they feel.

Or maybe they’re just a bunch of ignorant, inbred assholes. Either way their misdirected fear is the scary and successful result of years of propaganda.

Watch Bigoted Town Hall Members Threaten Muslims

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