Watch Mark Ruffalo Give Powerful Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

With the corporate-owned propaganda-mill we call the mainstream media churning out hour after hour of hateful and hyperbolic statements uttered by the most unqualified man to ever run for President, Donald Trump, we have to sometimes remind ourselves that there still are a lot of good people this world.

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo recently appeared on MSNBC and explained why he believes Bernie Sanders represents everything that Donald Trump doesn’t: A good presidential candidate who is a true crusader for the working class.

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Ruffalo took to MSNBC to talk about why he is an avid supporter of the Vermont Senator, and why he is so passionate about encouraging others to vote Sanders, “I just felt a lot of heart from him.” Ruffalo said, also adding,

This guy is exactly who he’s always been, he’s always been fighting for the little guy, and today that just happens to be the very person we need,

In an interview with Variety this week, Ruffalo expanded on why he supports Sanders, stating,

People feel like they have given up on the system, and that is exactly what the bad guys want us to do — they want us to give up on the system,

Ruffalo was also not shy with his opinion of corporate media, and its endless pandering to the GOP frontrunner either remarking,

He has been on a serious media diet for whatever reason, part of it is the infatuation and fetish-ization of Trump in the media class. Where Sanders has been helped is via social media, particularly with his popularity among young voters. We all kind of joke that we are the media now. We call it Main Street media.

In a race that almost seems to be a true test of good verses evil, more and more like-minded people are coming out in support of a candidate who was virtually unknown 6 months ago, but now has become a household name. With his momentum growing, the “longshot” Democratic candidate now has a real shot of becoming the next president.

Watch Mark Ruffalo’s inspired comments below:


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