WATCH: Hateful Woman’s Parenting Advice On Toddler Is To ‘Beat The F**K Out Of It Or Kill It’ So She Isn’t Bothered (VIDEO)

Kathleen Smith of Tomball, TX. is apparently running for the title of the most hateful woman in America today. While at a trip to the local grocery store, Kathleen came across a 2-year-old child who was having some difficulties. Now, some people might feel bad or awkward in such a situation. Some parents might sympathize for the mother, especially if they have “been there.” But not Kathleen Smith. She decided not only to think vile things about the child, like “praying to Baby Jesus that there is something wrong with the child” and then recommending the mother “beat the f**k” out of the toddler.

In her 3 minute rant she goes on to also recommend killing the child among other nastiness. Lines like “pick your weapon and end the drama, end the torture” are throughout the hateful rant.

The video must be seen to be believed, really.

Watch HERE:

And apparently the video has gone “viral” by Tomball’s standards, prompting Ms. Smith to record a follow up rant, almost as vile as the first. She doubles, if not triples, down on her original statements. Afterwards, she takes time to address her new found “social media celebrity.” She tells the 30 people who have sent her friend requests that she will not be accepting them. I’m sure those fans will be disappointed.

You can see her “brilliant’ follow-up HERE:

Poor Kathleen though. To have to endure dodging a few Cheetos and shopping in another aisle perhaps until the child calmed down, or they moved to another aisle, was simply too much, I suppose. A little sympathy for a parent struggling with a special needs child was out of the question. And not only did she have to think all that nasty, hateful stuff, she felt compelled to scream it to the world, like she herself is an out of control child.

She also suggests maybe the parent “leave the child at home.” It apparently never occurred to her that simply might not be an option, for whatever reason. But regardless the hate spewed in her video is unbelievable. I can’t help but think the toddler has the excuse of being a 2 or 3-year-old and not knowing any better than to behave as she did. I gotta wonder what Kathleen Smith’s excuse for her behavior is. Maybe someone needs to take her out to the woodshed. Or maybe that’s where all this hate started.

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