Watch Great Big Loudmouth Bully Chris Christie’s 4 Douchiest Moments (VIDEOS)

Apparently not wanting Donald Trump to be the only deluded east coast a-hole seeking the GOP nomination in 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just made the clown car a clown bus after announcing his entry in the race earlier today.  Audaciously enough, the garrulous and obnoxious governor made his announcement at his old high school in Livingston, New Jersey. I say audacious because Christie has made his political career out of bashing public education and educators, and in fact, the superintendent of the Livingston school torched Christie.

But it doesn’t matter if Christie’es own state despises him and that there’s a gazillion scandals that disqualify him; he’s Chris Christie and you need to Sit Down and Shut Up!

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So watch Great Big Loudmouth Bully Chris Christie’s 4 Douchiest Moments: 

1. Governor Christie Shoots to National Fame By Accosting His First Teacher. Aw…memories.


2. Governor Christie (or is it Soprano?) defines all American stereotypes by screaming at a constituent while holding an ice cream cone at the Jersey Shore. Yes, that really happened.

3. During a town hall regarding a Rutgers Merger, Christie yelled at a Navy SEAL and Rutger’s Law student for f*ck’s sake after the student had the gall to express concern about the merger.  Oh, and Governor Flintstone refused to apologize, too. Yep, that’s who you want holding the nuclear launch codes. 


4. Governor Christie accosts Jim Keady, a concerned resident of the jersey shore who dared question the delays in aid for victims of Superstorm Sandy. A man who wants to lead the free world and handle delicate international issues, told a constituent to “sit down and shut up!”. Keady is not just refusing to sit down and shut up, he’s running for office. Again, exactly the type of man you want holding nuclear launch codes and handling delicate international issues.


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