WATCH: Fox Host Doesn’t Get Why Black People Aren’t Outraged When Cops Get Shot? (VIDEO)

This is something you might expect to hear out of the local yahoos in the corner bar. “Why do these people always get outraged when a black guy gets shot but not when a (white) cop gets killed by some THUG!?!”

Except this wasn’t some drunk at the end of the bar. This was Fox News, in the daytime, well before Happy Hour. Fox News hostess Anna Kooiman pondered the very same thing the other day. And of course, the rest of the “get along crowd” backed her up as they segued into why Dr. Ben Carson, expected to make a 2016 Presidential run,  has been asking – quite coincidentally of course, the very same thing;

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Here’s what Fox, Ben Carson and every right wing bum in every bar in “A’murika” doesn’t get. The people are outraged not because someone just got shot. People get shot every day. Some of them deserve it. Some of them don’t. Most of the time it’s a terrible tragedy.  But when a black man is killed by a cop, no one even seems to lift a finger to figure out the hows and whys of it all and that pisses people off.

In short, the people are outraged because NOBODY DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! And even worse, every time a black man is “mysteriously” killed all anyone on the right can do is character assassinate (“that boy must have been on the drugs!”), or victim blame (“maybe if he wanted to live he shouldn’t have _____________ ” ), or just superficially exonerate every cop every time because “they have a tough job to do.” Sometimes these protests in various forms have to take weeks or months before even an investigation is considered.

But when a cop gets killed, the killer goes to jail. And furthermore, they more often than not get executed. Nobody talks about circumstances or the cop’s past to decide if that person should have killed the cop. From the moment the death is discovered it is automatically considered a homicide investigation, no ifs ands or buts. If they catch the killer, they put him on trial and most of the time- not the exception- he is convicted. Most states automatically prescribe the death penalty for killing a cop.

So what is there to be “outraged” about when it comes to a cop being killed? Absolutely nothing. The law is clear when it comes to cop killers. But when it comes to cops who kill, the law gets suddenly ambiguous and circumstantial to the point of absurdity the way many see it. They also see the farce of kangaroo courts and grand juries.  Watch the nonsense long enough. See the brutality 1st hand in your neighborhood daily. See it inflicted upon your neighbors, friends, family or even themselves. See it inflicted on people you know are good people for long enough and guess what? You are gonna be outraged, very outraged.

The people in Florida protested for a good month after Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman. And the only reason there was any investigation was because of that outrage. Regardless of what one thinks of the verdict, it is undeniable that the case would have never been even looked into, and was considered closed if not for that “outrage.”

Cops don’t need the outrage to get the investigation and often indictment and conviction of the killer. In fact, most of the time the only arguments that are made are that of sentencing. And that is only in the 18 states that don’t automatically require a death sentence for a cop killer.

If the day does come where cop killers are being let off as  practically a matter of preconceived fact, then people should be outraged. And I expect they would be. But that isn’t the reality.

That’s the difference. It’s like comparing apples and pumpkins.

So, do you get it now, Ben? Do you get it now, Anna and the rest of the Fox News team? And do you get it down at the end of the bar, Uncle Goober?

No, I didn’t think so.

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