WATCH: Bullies Send Schoolgirl Victim Vicious Video Of Them Setting Fire To Her Coursework (VIDEO)

Teenager Rhiannon Blair described how she burst into tears when seeing what her bullies had done to her coursework.  Coursework that was supposed to result in her being able to pursue her life long dream of working with children. Now she fears she will never get accepted into college and her dreams have vanished.

After a confrontation at the school, the bullies decided to take things further. The video shows how they went to a park, poured lighter fluid on her work and with the help of other flammables ignited the work and even causing it to explode at one point. One of her bullies then stomps out whatever charred remains were left ensuring complete destruction. They can also be heard laughing and mocking her throughout the video.

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To add insult to injury, they sent the video to Rhiannon via social media. Rhiannon at the time wasn’t even aware her work had been stolen. Now the Berkshire, England student fears for her future on many levels. So far, some suspensions have been handed out, but no further action has been taken by any authorities against the bullies.

The school has announced that Rhiannon’s and another girl’s work who was destroyed by the gang of bullies will not suffer any consequences for the missed work. That might not be enough consolation for Rhiannon, who has suffered from depression and anxiety since the bullying began back in September of 2014.

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