WATCH: Black Activist DESTROYS Racist White Woman On Live T.V. (VIDEO)

Be careful who you debate. That is the only moral of this story. It is a lesson that Republican activist Amanda Box will never forget.

Amanda Box is an aspiring Republican operative. Her only claim to fame is a YouTube video of her spewing racist comments about Muslims, which ultimately led to her resignation from her teaching position.

Now she is infamous for this encounter with Quanell X. Quanell X is a member of the New Black Panther Party and he is not new to controversy. In fact, some of his comments were so controversial that they led to his ejection from the Nation of Islam.

Nevertheless, in this encounter, Quanell X eloquently and ferociously silenced the talking points that have been spewed by defenders of Officer Ben Fields, who was fired for throwing a female student for not complying with the demands of the teacher, the assistant principal and the officer.

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Amanda Box thought she would get away with the token conservative debate technique and talking points by deflecting away from the original conversation and bringing up black-on-black crime. Even after admitting that the officer “went too far,” Box could not help but to suggest that we pay no attention to the officer’s transgression but, rather, the “culture” of the black community.

One deflection deserves another, no? Quanell X returned in kind by demanding that we focus on the culture of the “crazy white boys” that go into schools and kill everyone. At this point, you could see Box squirming in her seat.

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You can watch the video for yourself and make your own conclusion. However, it should be noted that Box demonstrated the entire agenda of Republicans with regard to black issues. She attempted to malign Black Lives Matter even though they have nothing to do with this particular issue. But for conservatives, any black issue is an opportunity to attack Black Lives Matter (BLM).

If one takes a moment to consider why BLM is a constant target for conservatives, they would come up with the same conclusion as I have. At its core, Black Lives Matter is a progressive movement. Therefore, Republicans must oppose it at any cost.

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Notwithstanding all of this, I’m quite sure Amanda Box will reconsider before stepping into the debate ring with Quanell X.

Watch the racist get destroyed on live t.v.:


The original video was uploaded by Tami Roman and can be viewed here.


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