Watch Bill Maher Anguish Over The Insane Choice Between Trump And Cruz (VIDEO)

Good versus evil is one of the oldest morality plays in human history, a glorious battle between the forces that would protect life and those who would destroy it. But who do you cheer when you are faced with the impossible decision of choosing a side in a contest between evil versus evil, between dumb vs. dumber, between Godzilla and Mothra?

Unlike the current “Batman v Superman” movie, where two gladiators battle it out in some empty warehouse district because both believe the other is a threat to the welfare of the cities they are sworn to protect, when Godzilla does battle with Mothra, they could care less their fight is destroying Tokyo, because these two monsters are only fighting for themselves and not for the good of the people.

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Donald Trump versus Ted Cruz is not a battle of altruistic patriotism, but a despicable contest of egos that threatens to destroy the very fabric of democracy as a ruthless demagogue tries to politically annihilate an Evangelical nutbar.

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Over the past few weeks, America has watched in disgust and relative horror as Trump and Cruz have traded insults, barbs, and angry Tweets, thereby lowering the bar of political debate and disgracing the country in the process.

On the “New Rules” segment of Real Time this past Friday, comedian and political wise-ass, Bill Maher, drove home the disturbing choice Republicans must make in naming a presidential nominee from two men who are not qualified to run a TGI Fridays, much less one of the most powerful nations in the world. A disastrous nomination between Ted Cruz, a man who thinks he is ordained by God, and Donald Trump a man who thinks he is one.

In the segment Maher addressed Republican voters brilliantly pointing out,

You’re stuck between a rock and a gross place. The House of A*shole or the House of Douchebag. Team Werewolf or Team Vampire. Verizon or AT&T. But we have to accept that being a grown-up means hard choices between disgusting options.

Maher went on to add,

The biggest difference between the two men is that Trump is the most thin-skinned person in human history, and reacts to the smallest slight with the hair-trigger wounded ego of a male flight attendant, whereas Ted Cruz is immune to insults because he’s learned to live in a world where everyone—everywhere—has always hated him.

As the GOP continues to implode, and as a field of 17 Republican candidates is narrowed down to three, one of whom, John Kasich, has zero chance of capturing enough votes to ensure nomination, the very real prospect of a Trump or Cruz Presidency becoming reality is pretty terrifying. Thankfully we have people like Bill Maher to keep us laughing as the political world burns beneath the feet of these two rampaging monsters.

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Watch Bill Maher below, courtesy of YouTube:


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