WATCH: Batsh*t Crazy Right Winger Theodore Shoebat: ‘Hillary Clinton Is A Devil Worshipper’ (VIDEO)

Theodore Shoebat is one of those right-wing nutjobs that just makes you shake your head and consider that he’d probably be in a mental hospital if Ronald Reagan hadn’t closed them. There are certain levels of crazy that we come to expect during election season, as people line up on opposing sides and lob the occasional rotten tomato. It’s true that this election has seen more than its fair share of rotten tomatoes. And eggs. And bananas. It’s been crazier than usual. But Shoebat goes that extra mile, just to prove that he’s loco in extremis.

Theodore and his father, Walid, are the ones who accused Khizr Khan of being a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood. They also claimed that his slain son, Captain Humayun Khan, was a terrorist. That’s pretty low, even for right-wing nutjob gossip.

But Theodore can go lower. Oh, yes. He can get into the mud and roll around with unabated glee. He does it often, ranting at the camera and sharing the result with whoever can stomach it. This week he unleashed a video about Hillary Clinton that is just… well, it must be seen to be believed. It’s okay not to like someone — yes, even Hillary — but the things he says are truly sick and ugly.

In a breathtaking display of projection, Shoebat calls Clinton “sick, sick, sick” and “decrepit.” She is a “reprobate wretch,” he says. There are other names he’d like to use but “this is a family show,” he asserts. Really? Because I’d never let any child watch this display. He must think that Breaking Bad was a kiddie show.

Hillary, Theodore says, is a lesbian. How does he know this? Sally Miller Perdue, the former Miss Arkansas and gossip-monger, says it’s so. And she couldn’t have any ulterior motive like, perhaps, selling her upcoming book? Gosh, no. Never mind that her outlandish claims were debunked by no less a scandal rag than the National Enquirer. But Shoebat accepts it as gospel. He believes a lot of things that are outright ridiculous:

The facts are the woman hates children. The facts are the woman loves homosexuality, so would it surprise me if it was confirmed, emphatically, that she is a sodomite? Would not surprise me in the least bit. The woman is a sick devil worshiper. She’s a devil worshiper! It would not surprise me in the least bit that this woman goes into a dark room somewhere and worships the devil in front of an image of Baphomet.

So, Hillary Clinton has a secret room in her house with a statue of Baphomet inside? And she goes in there to worship the devil? Okay, first of all, when? In what imaginary world does she have the free time to do this? And, assuming she did have a few minutes, does she carry around a smaller statue for these quickie on-the-road rituals? If Hillary is a devil worshiper, how could she hide it for the 30+ years she’s been in the spotlight? Especially when she lived in the White House.

By the way, Baphomet isn’t the devil but someone ignorant of any facts besides the ones he makes up wouldn’t know this. It’s that darn elitist history stuff, anyway.

Shoebat goes on to agree with Donald Trump surrogate Al Baldasaro, who called for Hillary to be shot for treason. On what charge? Well, Theodore has a few ideas, all of which are nonsense.

I have said that people who promote homosexuality should be put to death. I have said that people who promote witchcraft and occultism and yoga and all that demonic stuff should be put to death… Hillary Clinton is worthy of death… She supports the slaughtering of millions of American babies. She promotes homosexuality, which is against human life … She would love to see the death of all Christians… This type of woman, this evil, wicked woman, what do you think she deserves? She deserves the death penalty. End of story.

It’s impossible to even begin to have a rational discussion with someone like this. It’s like trying to speak Chinese to a Greek. It’s not even worth the effort. And you’ll… wait, what? Yoga? Yoga is demonic? Wow. Maybe he just can’t do yoga. Maybe he tried and couldn’t bend that way. If so, I can sympathize. But that doesn’t make it demonic. Try as I might, I just can’t see a room full of demons doing downward facing dog as the devil plays a singing bowl.

Theodore Shoebat belongs in a mental hospital, being dosed hourly with Thorazine. His level of “discourse” (using that word loosely, indeed) is that of a ranting lunatic, the kind who used to walk around with a sandwich sign with John 3:16 written on it. Anything he says is suspect, having to make its way through his head and out his mouth, as it does. Things like this, though, are more than just suspect; they are psychotic. Get help, Theodore.

Here’s the video from our friends at Right Wing Watch, if you can stomach it:

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