WATCH: 5 Cops Surround And Tase Black Guy While Unattended White Guy In Cuffs Runs Away (VIDEO)

Some racism is subtle, like the dog whistles that right wing politicians throw into their rhetoric. Or how rules seem to be applied unevenly when one takes a step back and looks at them.

Then there is the not so subtle racism. To the people doing it, it may go unnoticed, but to an observer the racism screams like a banshee in the woods. It’s so absurd it’s hard to miss.

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Take this case in point. In Austin, Texas, the cultural center of the state and supposedly the most progressive part, an arrest takes place on the street. During the arrest, no less than five officers surround and keep down the black man, while they leave an accomplice who happens to be white sitting not 10 feet away in cuffs, unattended. The officers feel it necessary to not only taze the black man, but then continue to surround him while the white guy, still unattended, hops up and leaves the scene.


I understand that perhaps the black man may have been resisting or being difficult, but at the point shown in the video, the taser seems to do all the work of making the man docile. Also notice a 3rd suspect while rolling around is given no attention and seems to be getting in the way of the cops trying to get at the black guy left helpless from tasing. All five officers feel it necessary to surround him so intently they forget the white scofflaw is even there.  Two cops couldn’t keep a tased man down? Three? Even Four? Not one of them even thought to give an ounce of attention to the white man who so easily left the scene. In fact neither of the white guys get a notice even after the black guy is subdued via taser and cuffs.

Keep in mind these are five PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED officers. Trained in how to maintain control of a scene. Trained in arrest procedures. Did ALL 5 of them suddenly forget their training when a cuffed black man might have been a little difficult? If nothing else, notice the zeal they give to keeping the black man down when it turns out the real threat to escape is the white guy, who is ignored the whole time.

Is this blatant racism? Do you hear a banshee screaming or the beautiful music of well trained cops showing their professionalism and competence?

The police have reportedly verified the video as genuine and claim the man was later caught according to

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