Washington Post Runs 16 Negative Articles In 16 Hours About Bernie Sanders

In the most vitriol and downright nasty election cycle seen in modern times, is it any wonder people are sick and tired of business as usual politics?

Each and every candidate seems to be waving the banner of “Washington Outsider” to capture the votes of an angry, and often misinformed electorate in this race. As a result, more and more everyday voters are feeling pushed out and ignored as the political establishment uses shameless chicanery and employs dirty tricks ripped right out of an episode of House Of Cards in order to press their advantage and keep the Washington elites in power.

In reality, the only true Washington outsider is the defiant champion of the people, Bernie Sanders. Over the past few months, Sanders has become somewhat of a folk hero as he leads the charge against money in politics, Citizens United, and the current corporate stranglehold on our Democracy.

As Sanders continues his crusade on behalf of the little guy by taking on corporate power and the billionaire class, it should come as no surprise that our corporate owned media has given Sanders little to no positive media coverage, always portraying Sanders campaign as weak and struggling. In fact, they may even have a bias against him based only on their own corrupt self-interests. So much for the integrity of The Fourth Estate.

Case in point: This past week from 10:20 PM EST Sunday to 3:54 PM EST Monday, The Washington Post published 16 articles unfairly painting Sanders in a very negative light. Sixteen articles in sixteen hours slamming the Democratic Candidate. This seems like the kind of unfavorable media blitzkrieg reserved for a politician immersed in some despicable scandal, not a candidate that has demonstrated nothing but honesty and candor along the campaign trail like Bernie Sanders has.

Media bias isn’t the first obstacle Sanders has had to overcome, either. Sanders has run a grassroots campaign from the beginning, diligently raising money without a Super-PAC, instead depending on small donations from individual donors. Sanders is also working against the DNC’s politically slanted Super-Delegate system that has kept Sanders at an unfair disadvantage throughout this entire primary season.

Below is the list of articles The Washington Post ran during its 16-hour Anti-Sanders spree. This list comes courtesy of  writer Adam H. Johnson who broke this story and posted this list on his Twitter feed on Monday

1) Bernie Sanders pledges the U.S. won’t be No. 1 in incarceration. He’ll need to release lots of criminals

2) Clinton is running for president. Sanders is doing something else

3) This is huge: Trump, Sanders both using the same catchphrase.

4) Mental health patients to Bernie Sanders: Don’t compare us to the GOP candidates

5) ‘Excuse me, I’m talking’: Bernie Sanders shuts down Hillary Clinton repeatedly

6) Bernie Sanders’ two big lies about the global economy

7) Five reasons Bernie Sanders lost last night’s Democratic debate

8) An awkward reality for Bernie Sanders: A strategy focused on whiter states

9) Bernie Sanders says white people don’t know what it’s like to live in a ‘ghetto.’ About that…

10) The NRA just praised Bernie Sanders — and did him no favors in doing so

11) Even Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump

12) What Bernie Sanders still doesn’t get about arguing with Hillary Clinton

13) Why Obama says bank reform is a success but Bernie Sanders says it’s a failure

14) Here’s something Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders have in common: And the piece of the argument that Bernie doesn’t get quite right.

15) ”Excuse me!” Bernie Sanders doesn’t know how to talk about black people

16) And the most partisan senator of 2015 is … Bernie Sanders!


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