Twitter Trolls Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson With Hilarious Hashtag Game (TWEETS)

As we all know, Twitter exists for two reasons: 1) to post about things as they happen and 2) to troll the ignorant and pompous. We’ve seen the Twitterverse explode when someone makes a truly spectacular mistake, sometimes riffing on it for days. It’s happened again.

Saturday saw another Twitter storm when Trump spokesgoblin woman Katrina Pierson made the idiotic claim that President Obama invaded Afghanistan. In the wake of that nonsensical statement, the hashtag #KatrinaPiersonHistory was born. And Twitter saw that it was good.

It just goes to show that, as long as we have Twitter, we shall be entertained. It also goes to show that, by and large, the folks on Twitter are pretty smart. Some of the tweets with this hashtag referred to obscure historical events, things only historians (or trivia geeks like me) would even recognize.

Trump supporters did their best to keep up but all they had were the same tired talking points. Benghazi popped up like the conservative version of Tourette’s. Benghazi! They also like to post debunked conspiracy theories, of course.

Take a spin on the #KatrinaPiersonHistory hashtag for some more right-wing lunacy, if you dare. Also, enjoy the Twitter mockery machine at its best.

Featured image via Salon

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