Twitter Gleefully Mocks Trump For Saying Hillary Fought ISIS Her ‘Whole Adult Life’ (TWEETS)

There were many key moments during the debate where trump got baited by Hillary, flipped out and walked right into her trap. In one example, Trump said Clinton was going to approve “one of the biggest tax increases in history,” and Clinton fired back with an epic burn. But an even greater moment that got lost amid a sea of gaffes and missteps was on the topic of ISIS.

Since Republicans will soon no longer have Barack Obama to blame for everything under the sun, Trump wanted to paint everything as Hillary’s fault. He hilariously claimed that Clinton has been “fighting ISIS her whole life.” Like most of what he said during the debate, this statement was ludicrous. You didn’t need an army of seasoned fact-checkers to debunk this one, just some people on Twitter

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But fellow progressive comedian and writer Dean Obeidallah had the best observation.


In short, Trump’s pathetic attempt to make Hillary appear as a weak leader failed miserably.

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