Trump’s Top Advisors Betray Him, This Is What They REALLY Think Of Him (DETAILS)

The majority of America knows that Trump is an absolute idiot who needs to be called out and exposed for his ignorance, but now this information is coming from people we never expected it to come from – his own top advisors!

Thanks to several juicy revelations that have been exposed in Michael Wolff’s book, ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,’ Trump’s closest confidants and top White House officials are making fun of the president’s lack of brain cells in several explosive statements that will have Trump melting down in no time.

In one of the book’s passages, Wolff wrote about how Trump’s advisors mocked his intelligence (or lack of). In an excerpt that NBC obtained, Wolff reported:

“There was now a fair amount of back-of-the-classroom giggling about who had called Trump what.’

‘For Steve Mnuchin and Reince Priebus, he was an “idiot.” For Gary Cohn, he was “dumb as s–t”. For H.R. McMaster he was a “dope”. The list went on.”

These are all of Trump’s closest advisors and staff – and they’ve clearly turned on him behind the scenes. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, McMaster, national security adviser, and the president’s chief economic adviser Cohn have yet to respond to Wolff’s claims, but considering that Trump’s former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had once called Trump a “moron” (and never denied it), it’s probably true.

Even conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who was a close confidant to Trump, ripped Trump for his idiocy. Wolff wrote:

“On December 14, a high-level delegation from Silicon Valley came to Trump Tower to meet him. Later that afternoon, according to a source privy to details of the conversation, Trump called Rupert Murdoch, who asked him how the meeting had gone.”

Apparently, Murdoch and Trump didn’t reach an agreement on extending visas to companies Trump had met with. When Murdoch got off the phone with Trump, he reportedly said, “What a f***ing idiot.”

These revelations are surfacing right after Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was exposed for his own harsh words about the president – and it caused Trump to have a temper tantrum. Stay tuned – because we’re sure Trump is headed toward his biggest breakdown yet.

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