Trump’s Insane Tweet Timed EXACTLY After Idiotic ‘Fox And Friends’ Segment On Flag Burning (VIDEO)

Here’s a quote you need to hold in your mind while reading everything that comes after because it explains it all.

“He is certainly availing himself of the information as provided to him from a number of sources, including those intelligence briefings.”

That’s Kellyanne Conway defending Donald Trump for skipping his intelligence briefing meetings because he gets his information from a other sources. What other sources could possibly inform Trump about the world and get him prepared to take over the presidency? The answer is becoming clearer and the pits in our stomachs are growing.

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump rolled out of bed, got on Twitter and casually demanded America suspend the First Amendment and begin stripping his critics of their citizenship if they protest.

It was every bit as unhinged as anything he’s ever said, and possibly a great deal more so because of where he seems to have gotten the idea.

According to reporter Katherine Faulders, Trump’s tweet coincides almost exactly with a Fox News segment staring Fox and Friends anchor Steve Doocy. Trump, watching the program, did zero fact-checking, had no self-reflection, and without hesitation issued a warning to protesters that they would face prison time or exile if they kept it up.

The story involved a school in western Massachusetts where students burned the American flag following the election of Donald Trump. Having the thinnest skin of earth, Trump took it personally – hence the threat to jail or deport them.

Even more troubling than Trump’s ego driving his erosion of First Amendment rights was that he used a Fox and Friends segment to get there. The Fox News morning show features some of the dumbest people on the network chatting with some of the dumbest guests on television. They routinely get facts wrong. They have been caught lying repeatedly. They aren’t news so much as a daily dose of right-wing propaganda wrapped in the facade of a morning show. And Trump watches it daily.

Trump also reads right-wing conspiracy site InfoWars, run by full-blown wacko Alex Jones. Just days earlier, Trump alledged that the popular vote was “stolen” from him because “millions” of illegal voters supported Hillary Clinton. The source of this false information appears to have been Alex Jones and InfoWars writer “Prison Planet.

So we have the most unprepared President-elect in history skipping on intelligence briefings from state officials to instead get his news from a Fox News morning show and a right-wing fringe site, then using his Twitter account to publicly issued insane edicts based on what he hears without consulting a single adviser or expert.

There are a lot of things to be terrified of in the next four years, but Trump’s self-imposed fact-free zone is perhaps the most likely to lead to disaster.

Watch the Fox News segment that inspired Trump’s meltdown below:

Featured image via Raw Story screengrab

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