Trump Tries To Give A Serious Economic Speech, Threatens Women Instead (VIDEO)

Trump opened his highly anticipated economic address by blaming Hillary Clinton for everything that was wrong with his own campaign. He mentioned several different conspiracy theories, including one about how no one actually attends Clinton rallies and that it’s just some sort of camera trick by the “rigged” media.

He went on to misrepresent his numbers by claiming that three national polls were showing him in the lead. I’m not even going to begin to theorize what he’s talking about here. He hasn’t had a significant showing in national polls for months now. The crowd buys right in though.

Disempowering the media is something that places him well within the realm of a dictator. But to hear him tell it, he’s some sort of liberator. “Too much power in the hands of too few,” he says. But he’s not talking about the people that are actually gobbling up all the money and power in this country. His economic plan is to give all of those people a raise.

After that he gets decidedly nastier. He calls the women who’ve come forward in recent weeks to describe his past crimes “liars” and vows to sue them as soon as the election is over. Some have speculated that he’ll never get around to doing this whether or not he wins in November. In order to sue them for liable he’d have to open up inquiries into his personal life. This would give other women the chance to come forward and testify about his behavior without the threat of winding up in their own lawsuit with Mr. Trump. No, likely this is a tactic to keep more victims from coming forward with their own allegations.

What Trump spent very little time doing was talking about his economic policy. He rambled a few things off mechanically after he was done throwing stones but his heart clearly wasn’t in it. It’s becoming more and more clear that there is a divide between him and his campaign. They undoubtedly hoped that he would clean up his act and talk about policy. He doesn’t have much of a chance either way but it undoubtedly would have fared better in the media if he said something of substance today.

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