Watch Trump Supporters Talk Themselves In Circles Trying To Explain Why They Love Trump

As host of the political radio show “The Ignorance Equation“, I get a lot of calls from average, everyday Americans, many of whom are Donald Trump supporters, and most of whom don’t even know why.

While the prospect of a 4 year Donald Trump Presidency is fairly terrifying, it has been an interesting study in human nature to watch Trump push fear and successfully sell ideas of no real substance to uninformed first-time voters who, when pushed to examine Trump’s policies (or lack thereof), seem to concede they don’t really agree with him at all.

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One of the things I find most mind boggling about the Trump phenomena is the absolute lack of self-awareness his supporters have about their own hypocrisy. Many of the reasons Trump supporters love The Donald are the exact same perceived reasons they claim to hate President Obama. Reasons such as his lack of experience, narcissistic personality, and the way he talks negatively about America, yet when probed why they are fine with Trump’s lack of experience and narcissism and not Obamas they are left generally speechless.

It’s a paradoxical situation when those who say they fervently adhere to the strict letter of the Constitution are the same people who are perfectly comfortable with Donald Trump dismantling freedom of the press, free speech, and forcing military leaders to engage in illegal actions such as waterboarding and killing the families of suspected terrorists.

Case in point; in a recent segment of “Ring Of Fire” radio Trump supporters were asked nuanced questions by reporter Jordan Chariton about Donald Trump’s policies, temperament and general behavior, and when confronted with cold hard facts, they conceded that they don’t agree with much of what Donald Trump stands for, yet they still think he is the best man for the job of leader of the free world.

So is it any surprise that Trump support consists mostly of disenfranchised far right conservatives and first-time voters who before Mr. Reality TV ran for office knew almost nothing about our political system.

As the electoral field narrows and it becomes more evident that Donald Trump will walk away with the Republican nomination, many political scientists and pundits agree that Trump’s combative nature, lack of experience or even a general understanding of the issues and out of control ego will lead to his complete and utter defeat in a general election, however for a man who has broken every single rule of conventional politicking, I would advise those in “The Know” not to count their political chickens before they hatch.

Watch These Trump Supporters’ Mind Bending Justification For Supporting A Man They Don’t Agree With Courtesy Of TYT News Via YouTube.


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