Trump Responds To Columnist George Will’s Call For His Defeat With Childish Insults

In true Teflon Don fashion, Donald Trump took little over 24-hours, but he came back with a zinger after George Will announced on Friday he was calling it quits with the Republicans because of Trump.

And by “zinger,” I mean limp insult, because apparently the Republican candidate used all his creativity bashing Jeb! in the primary.


On Friday, lifelong conservative Geroge Will announced he was done with the Republican Party, and called on other Republicans to make sure that Trump loses the election

Lamenting that the GOP “is not my party,” Will said Republicans need to “make sure he [Trump] loses,” and that they should, “Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House [next time].”

Will has been heavily critical of Trump, mentioning in an earlier column that Trump was threatening a Republican-majority Senate:

At least half a dozen Republican senators seeking reelection and Senate aspirants can hope to win if the person at the top of the Republican ticket loses their state by, say, only four points, but not if he loses by 10.

Well, Saturday went by with nary a peep from Trump.

And then Sunday rolls around and using his favorite medium — Twitter — the Teflon Don fired some return shots at Will, writing in the tweet that:

Trump Tweet

The text reads: “George Will, one of the most overrated political pundits (who lost his way long ago), has left the Republican Party. He’s made many bad calls.”

I mean, I won’t argue with the last sentence, but for as much crap as I give Will, he is a smart man. Certainly more intelligent than Trump could ever hope to be.

Trump’s reply comes after a golf tour of Scotland, wherein he promoted his golf courses and his ignorance — Trump apparently thought that Scotland voted to Leave. This stupidity was so uninformed that people on Twitter were forced to invent whole new insults to describe him.

Will has yet to respond, but honestly, from me to George: You don’t need to. You’ve said everything that needs to be said.

Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

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