Trump No-Showed On The President Of Ukraine, Causing Yet Another International Incident

When it comes to being the President of the United States, it would seem that attending meetings with foreign dignitaries as expected would be required. However, as Katy Tur has reported, Donald Trump just stood up the President of the Ukraine in New York.

Victor Poroshenko, the President of the Ukraine; it isn’t like Trump can claim that he didn’t know the Ukraine was a country, right? How many gaffes of international magnitude must Trump perpetrate during the election to prove to Americans that he is immensely and utterly unqualified to be POTUS?

To see the magnitude of this issue, here are three facts:

  1. Russia and the Ukraine have had very strained relations. NATO wrote, “condemning Russia’s illegal and illegitimate “annexation” of Crimea and the violence and insecurity in eastern Ukraine caused by Russia and Russian-backed separatists.”
  2. Donald Trump has been seen as very pro-Russia, both here when he “joked” that Russia should hack Hillary Clinton’s email, and abroad when the Kremlin called Obama’s attack on Trump anti-Russian.
  3. Donald Trump just stood up the Ukrainian president here on our own soil.

It seems that Trump just can’t help himself because whether the above facts are related or not, in reality, they appear related and could do irreparable harm to international relations with the Ukraine. This is not just a “simple mistake,” it isn’t just a “missed appointment” by a jet-setting, nuevo-rich real estate mogul with a taste for expensive things and younger women: this was a matter of state and international relationships.

No matter the excuse, there is literally no acceptable reason for this to have happened without even the courtesy of a call. It is simple, really: are you sick? Call. Getting a high colonic and bleach enema? Call. Stuck in traffic? Call. With an entire staff of people whose entire job is to make sure that Trump appears (at least in public) as presidential, it is almost impossible to believe this was an oversight.

At best, he has sparked confusion and instability regarding US-Ukraine relations, potentially destabilizing relations with other NATO allies as well. At worst, well, that is something that the voters need to assure never happens this November.

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