Trump Kids Make VERY Creepy Ad And The Internet Is Hilariously Mocking Them For It (TWEETS)

If there’s been one major sticking point about the Trump’s presidential campaign–besides knowing nothing and offending everyone–it’s the overbearing inclusion of his children. While his daughter Ivanka seems to be like Marilyn from the Munsters, his two sons are colossal elitist sociopaths. Donald Trump Jr, for example, has mocked a hard-working gardener, applauded and appeared with a known white supremacist, and proudly posed next to murdered big game along with his brother, Eric. They’re quite punchable, indeed.

In addition to a yacht-load of money, it looks like the Trump kids inherited Daddy’s uncanny ability of being ruthlessly mocked on Twitter.

In a what could be described as a more epic fail than Trump’s “taco bowl incident,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out the following ridiculous (and creepy) photo:


It either looks like one of those old post-mortem photos or a Christmas Card from First Nazi National Bank. Naturally, Twitter had a grand old-time ripping them apart.

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Perhaps paying homage to the recently deceased Gene Wilder, film critic Drew McWeeny made a Willy Wonka reference.

DrewAtHitFix on Twitter The first three kids Willy Wonka murdered on his factory tour. Deservedly. https ABGPa6PnqV

And someone else just told the cold, hard truth



And weren’t we kind of already thinking this?


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This family may just prove to be just as accidentally hilarious as the Bushes.

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