Trump Has Complete Mental Collapse, Begins Spamming Retweets From Fans Who Say Election Was Rigged

Just when we thought there was no way Trump could get any crazier, he has proven us all wrong… again.

Trump is taking to Twitter in a rampage of retweets from his supporters who had spent the day blasting CNN and anyone else who had questioned his unsubstantiated claim (i.e. complete lie) of voter fraud in several states that Clinton won.

Here are the most recent ones:

The tweets also tag CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny who apparently got under Trump’s skin by daring to question the outrageous statement Trump made about “millions” of illegal voters. Zeleny responded to the harassment by trolling Trump.

This behavior is beyond bizarre and the people Trump chose to highlight aren’t election experts, politicians, or state officials. They are random people Trump found on the Internet. The bio of @sdcritic, for example, simply says he has been a ‘HUGE #Trump fan from the get-go.” He has also called “liberalism” a mental illness. And calls Islam “cancer.” And you don’t have to go digging, he said both of those things today.


Perhaps even more egregiously, Trump also retweeted a guy named @Filibuster who is 16 years old and the profile pic of @JoeBowman12 is a skull with rifles sticking out and a torn American flag across his mouth with the word “Infidel” atop.

Trump has apparently lost all mental capacity and needs to be stopped NOW!

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images

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