Trump Superfan Gifts Him A Brand New AR-15 — What Could Go Wrong? (VIDEO)

What’s more obnoxious than a narcissistic blowhard who dominates all the news cycles spreading fear and propaganda? A narcissistic blowhard who dominates all the news cycles with a brand new custom-made AR-15.

Yesterday in Claremont, New Hampshire, Republican front-runner Donald Trump was presented with the custom-made AR-15 semi-automatic rifle by Mark Limoges, owner of “Black Op Arms” gun shop. Trump, who has become increasingly more popular with ardent gun owners, has convinced many uninformed voters that “Soon you won’t be able to get guns.” Trump made this statement shortly after President Obama announced his plans to implement a new executive order aimed at curbing gun violence and the sale of illegal firearms.

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Today in an interview with the gun-toting Trump super fan on CNN, Limoges was not shy about sharing his love of Trump, guns, and “freedom.” In the interview, Limoges explained why he and his employees went to such lengths to make Donald Trump the elaborate gift.

We’ve been Trump supporters since he announced his candidacy and wanted to do something to commemorate Mr. Trump’s visit to Claremont, we don’t get a lot of celebrities, I should say, to Claremont and we wanted to give him something to make his trip memorable.

And memorable it was, that is after the Secret Service removed the rifle’s firing pins, making the weapon useless. This seems like a strange precaution considering how gun absolutists are always screaming about how guns don’t kill people, bad guys with guns kill people. I guess Donald Trump doesn’t trust his supporters as much as he would like us all to believe.


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