Trump Fan Verbally Assaults Woman Wearing Hijab, But TRUE PATRIOTS Rush To Her Rescue (VIDEO)

KRQE News 13 reports that a deranged Donald Trump fan was met with unexpected resistance from other customers when she tried to harass a female Muslim shopper.

The incident took place at Smith’s grocery store in Albuquerque, NM.

“I went down the aisle to go get sodas and then all of a sudden I hear somebody starting to yell at her,” Barney Lopez, who was grocery shopping for his evening dinner, told the news station. “They’re saying things like ‘Get out of our country, you don’t belong here, you’re a terrorist!’”

According to Lopez, the other shoppers converged on the scene and immediately started defending the beleaguered woman in the hijab. One employee positioned himself between the attacker and her victim.

“There was even another woman that like went over to the woman in the hijab and put her arm around her and gave her hug and held her while the Smith’s employees came,” he said, noting the other ‘employees shuffled the shouting lady out of the store.”

Lopez stated that the lowlife xenophobe prowled the parking lot waiting for the Muslim woman to exit the store, which prompted Smith employees to escort the victim to her car.

“At the end, I felt like really hopeful and proud of the community that everybody banded together,” Lopez said.

Police were called to the scene; however, the attacker left before they arrived.

Day after day, we are witnessing more incidents like this take place across the country. It’s hard to say if Trump supporters would have behaved worse had Trump lost the election.

Thanks to Trump, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and other forms of lowlifes are crawling out from under their rocks and infesting every part of our society.

It’s hard to say if Trump supporters would have behaved worse had Trump lost the election.

It’s becoming clear that Americans are in store for the longest four years of our lives.

However, if more Americans like the employees and customers in that grocery store take an active stand against this type of behavior, then we will come out of this nightmare stronger than we’ve ever been.

Love trumps hate.

Featured image via YouTube.


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