Trump Exposes Trump: Brilliant Video Shows How HARD Trump’s Playing His Supporters (VIDEO)

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Similarly, the greatest trick the Orange devil has ever played is manipulating uninformed morons that his policies do exist. Like Hitler (but with bad hair), Trump is brilliant at attacking the fragile emotions of the miserably uninformed for political gain. But better still, how he can change his mind on nearly every single issue, never explain what that issue is in the first place, and then go onto Twitter to assign his opponents a schoolyard epithet.

YouTube Channel Plain Sight created a brilliant video in which they quite easily summarize the countless hypocrisies and contradictions made by the Donald.  Set to a catchy operatic orchestra, the video is designed to show just how utterly fraudulent Trump is by highlighting his seemingly never-ending lies.

Here’s what the video creators said:

In his own words, Donald Trump reveals his hypocrisy about Iraq, immigration, health care, abortion, Libya, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and more. If you agree that more people need to become aware of the extent of Trump’s hypocrisy, then watch this video.

Will his supporters actually watch the footage and absorb its message? That’s like asking if a 9-year-old will read the safety instructions on their motorized bike. But that certainly shouldn’t stop any of you from annoying your Tump supporting families by sending them this video.

Watch Trump Expose Trump below:

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Featured image via screen capture

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