Trans Hatin’ Christian Lawyer Threatens To Bring Assault Weapons Into Target Bathroom (SCREENSHOT)

We are facing crushing student debt; stagnant wages; crumbling infrastructure; a rigged electoral system and systematic voter purges; terrorism; and climate change, and yet all Republicans can seem to focus on is trans people in the crapper. Their obsession with nontroversies (ie, Benghazi and voter fraud) seems to know no end, and the whole debate over trans people in the bathroom is their latest crusade.

Taking the issue to a whole new level of absurdity, the president of theocratic law group The Liberty Council announced on Twitter that she intends to carry a gun with her to the women’s bathroom at Target stores so that she can “protect” herself from anyone she believes is transgender. Yes, this woman apparently passed the bar.

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Christian lawyer says she’s taking Glock to Target ladies’ room ‘It identifies as my bodyguard’

Well, it’s clear that she identifies as an ammosexual. Does everything with these people involve using an assault weapon?!

Nobody is asking that every American suddenly fall in love with the trans community, but can we at least get some of them to not wish to play Anne Oakley in f**king public restrooms? But as it happens, Staver is married to Mat Staver, head of the legal team that defended Kentucky’s virulently anti- equality county clerk Kim Davis in her effort to deny same-sex couples the right to marry. She may intensely dislike trans people, but her words suggest she might be Ted Nugent in a wig.

Conservatives have been tripping over themselves in one massive outrage circle jerk following Target stores’ decision to allow trans customers to use restrooms designated for their expressed gender. The group launched a #BoycottTarget campaign on social media last week. And being the snake in the grass who literally looks like a snake in the grass, Senator Ted Cruz has relentlessly exploited the subject so as to secure more votes and stop Trump.

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