Top 9 Confederate-Flag-Loving Morons In the News (IMAGES/VIDEOS)

First off, I’m not trying to imply that everyone who supports the Confederate flag is a moron. I have family members who are highly intelligent in certain subjects, and we just happen to strongly disagree in several political areas, including this one. What I am trying to say is – these morons are making you all look really bad.

On to our list of some of the top Confederate-flag-loving morons in the news

In no particular order, let’s begin with:

1. Michael O’Neill

A Confederate-flag-loving, KKK-admiring white supremacist (and probably a right-wing terrorist) who accidentally blew off his own leg when making bombs in his garage.  Watch:


2. Brent Farley

A wanna-be bounty hunter who took his illegally owned handgun ( as a convicted felon, owning a gun is a no-no), nine of his “highly-trained” agents, wife, and 11-year-old daughter (sporting a plastic gun) on a raid – that ended up being the house of the local police chief. Oopps! Apparently, someone on Facebook gave him a tip with the wrong address (and you know it had to be on purpose), so off they went guns blazing without research or a permit. Despite what a Confederate flag on his Facebook page claimed, Farley did indeed surrender when arrested for this buffoonery. Watch:




3. Eldon Spinney

Spinney managed to make local news simply by being a moron. There’s this totally-not-racist statement in response to the Confederate flag debate:

‘It’s not a n*gger flag,’ Spinney, who was identified by neighbors, told the CBC. ‘I don’t care what happened in South Carolina, that’s a long way from here.’

There’s also this video he made. Go ahead and try to watch it without honestly saying it makes your head hurt. Watch:


4. The Confederate flag parade that crashed into each other

This video of a pickup truck Confederate flag  pride parade that ended with a pile up pretty much explains itself. Watch:

[Warning: Explicit Language]


5. The man who brought a Confederate flag to a cookout, and got knocked out

There is a time and place to debate the Confederate flag. However, bringing a large Confederate flag to an interracial 4th of July cookout as a protest, and using it to taunt party-goers, might just get you knocked out like this moron. Watch:

6. Anna Robb

Anna Robb owns the Dixie Outfitters in Branson, Missouri. Robb decided to make herself the poster child for the Confederate flag being only about Southern pride and heritage. What makes her a moron, is that she thought she could make an argument about it not being racist, without anyone discovering her ties to the KKK. Doh! Watch:



7. Ted Nugent

Asked about the ongoing push to stop displaying the Confederate flag, Nugent asked, “If we burned every Confederate flag today, would they stop shooting each other in Chicago?” Watch:



8. Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter thinks the whole Confederate flag debate is completely moronic. She says instead of banning the flag, we should ban the democratic party and immigration (who according to her steal all the low-paying jobs) because that would do more to help black people. Apparently, she thinks both black people and immigrants are only suitable for low wage jobs. Watch:


9. Karen Cooper

The Confederate-flag-carrying Tea Party black women who says slavery was a choice. She expounds by saying that Patrick Henry said “give me liberty or give me death,” and if slavery came back she would choose death. So basically, it was the slaves fault for not all killing themselves. Mmmmm… OK….. No. Just no. Do I really have to explain why this statement is moronic? She also thinks the height of our current anti-freedom is that she can’t smoke wherever she wants. She doesn’t understand why it’s not ok since it’s her body, and apparently has never heard of second-hand smoke. Also, according to her slavery logic, isn’t it her choice not to smoke since she could just choose death? Watch her interview in the beginning: 



That’s all for now folks, except a couple of quick notes:

First, two people who some might think I am forgetting, but excluded on purpose:

1. Dlyann Roof – I don’t so much think he’s a moron, as just pure evil.

2. Kid Rock – who received praise from some conservatives and condemnation from some liberals for supposedly refusing to stop using the confederate flag on his tour. Here’s the thing – he actually stopped using it several years ago after a heartfelt conversation with the NAACP in 2011 when he received the Great Expectations Award.

Second, this list isn’t meant to be all-inclusive. If you can think of anyone I left out, please feel free to talk about it in the comments. I might even do a follow-up article and give you a shout-out.

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