This Statement Perfectly Sums Up The Difference Between The Democratic And Republican Debates (VIDEO)

If we learned anything from Tuesday’s first 2016 #DemDebate is that the Democrats actually give a flying f*ck about substantive issues. Unlike the complete and utter pissing contest we saw at the “Look at Donald Trump” GOP Debates, the Democratic one was of informed respect, with a serious commitment to discussing the very serious issues at hand.

Even though former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has about as much chance becoming the nominee as Steven Segal winning an Oscar, he showed a lot of poise, knowledge and respect. But his signature 15 minutes (or more like 30 seconds) of fame can during his closing remarks.

O’Malley, clearly articulating the feelings of every American with more than two brain cells and who doesn’t speak sh*tkicker as a first language, delivered a most eloquent and trenchant analysis of the stark differences between the two debates. That is, the 2016 GOP Insane Clown Posse debate and Tuesday’s first Democratic Debate.

Again, he stands no chance of beating Hillary or Bernie, but he really showed us all how freaking insane the Republican Party has gotten.

Watch Martin O’Malley lay into the vast differences between the #GOPDebate and the #DemDebate:


Featured image via CNN screencap

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