This Insulting Sign Might Cost Alabama The Game Against LSU Tonight (IMAGE)


Competition between Louisiana State and the Univ. of Alabama football teams can be followed all the way back to 1895. Some Bama fans took that 120-year rivalry to its lowest point of record on November 6, though, and with the cheapest and cheesiest of rally signs.

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It’s not having the desired result, however; that juvenile display is only inspiring the LSU Tigers to water down the Crimson Tide in their November 7 matchup.

Just one day before the two Top 20 teams face each other in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, some Univ. of Alabama students posted signage with tasteless insults regarding a tragedy that struck the southeast Louisiana region of LSU 10 years prior. “Finish what Katrina started,” read the sign, which was displayed from a Tuscaloosa apartment building on Friday afternoon.

Image from @OldRowOfficial

Image from @OldRowOfficial

An original source of the photo isn’t known, but its late-afternoon distribution by a Twitter account caught many eyes – including that of university media. The school’s Crimson White newspaper reported that the sign was taken down from the off-campus student complex only an hour after that tweet.

That wasn’t fast enough to appease LSU fans, though, and especially not Tigers’ team member Leonard Fournette. The star running back, Heisman contender and New Orleans native actually spent five days as a refugee on a raised section of I-10 after his home was washed away in that flooding. Responding to the crude message as a challenge, Fournette tweeted:

bama tweet response

Univ. of Alabama administration chastised the photo with an official statement of response later that evening:

UA is appalled that anyone would display a banner with such an inappropriate and offensive statement. It’s our understanding that the banner was hung at an off-campus apartment complex and it has been removed.

Making the juvenile status of that insult stand out further, LSU has recent record of just the opposite sentiment. After intense rain caused record flooding across much of South Carolina in October 2015, the Univ. of South Carolina had to move its game against SEC-rival LSU to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, costing it an anticipated $3.8 million in revenue. In a generous display of sympathy, LSU donated all profit from that game to the state of South Carolina for use in rebuilding and repair.

The 7-0 LSU Tigers take on the 7-1 Crimson Tide tonight in Tuscaloosa. Alabama is a 6.5-point favorite, but the away teams in this competition are 4-1 in their last five games. And because that juvenile sign seems to be inspiring the Tigers even more, it might be a good idea to put your money on LSU.

Featured image from @OldRowOfficial 

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