These Horses Were Left To Starve While Self-Absorbed Owners Did Bodybuilding Shows (IMAGES)

Sometimes you come across a story that makes your jaw drop. If you’re an animal lover, this one will make you angry, too. Be warned; these images are disturbing.

A pair of bodybuilders in Miami have finally been charged with animal abuse after three emaciated, starving horses were found on their Miami-Dade County ranch last May. Prosecutors charged Milagros Cowan and her husband, Alex Paez, with four counts of animal abuse.

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These two traveled across the country, showing off their ripped bodies while their horses were going without food. The fact that the pair had been arrested on horse-abuse charges four years ago makes this case even worse. Those charges were dropped after the couple undertook a “pre-trial intervention” for first-time offenders.

Last May, however, they proved that program did no good at all. Three starving horses were found at their ranch among refuse and clutter. The animals had no room to roam, not that they could with their overgrown hooves. Animal rights workers were appalled:

Flammable items were at the facility, along with old boats and trailers, outboard engines, buckets of paint, fiberglass material, cutting objects, garbage. There was absolutely no place to turn out the horses.

This beautiful mare….

This mare looked fit and healthy in April of 2014

This mare looked fit and healthy in April of 2014

… part of an April, 2014 photo shoot, looked like this when police and animal rescue workers arrived at the ranch in May:

This is what this beautiful animal looked like when confiscated

This is what this beautiful animal looked like when confiscated

She was emaciated, malnourished, starving. She needed her hooves trimmed, her teeth floated and de-worming. Anyone who has worked with horses (my daughter has had two) knows that these maintainence routines are crucial to a horse’s health. It’s disgusting and shocking that anyone would treat horses like this. All the while treating themselves like gods.

This brown horse has apparently has not been curried recently. This form of neglect can lead to many skin conditions:

This horse is emaciated and has skin issues

This horse is emaciated and has skin issues

These horses’ neglect is inexcusable. But Alexander Michaels, Paez’s attorney thinks the charges are “no big deal”:

I wish the police would spend more time on human victims, and child victims, than on horses who skipped a meal.

Skipped a meal?!? These horses were starved! They had no food, nowhere to walk, no grooming or medical care. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Conan strut around the country showing off their well-fed bodies. It’s simply monstrous.

Cowan and Paez should never be allowed to own another animal again. Ever. The charges filed against them aren’t punitive enough, in my opinion. They should be thrown into the stalls where they kept these horse and starved until their ribs show. They will probably just get fined, though.

The horses are now under the care of the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They are doing well, according to their caretaker, Laurie Waggoner. They have gained weight and are back to being friendly horses. After the way they were treated, it took them some time to get there again. Understandable,

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