These High Crime Area Torontonians Prove That Canadians Are Better Than Us (VIDEO)

Imagine if a store in the U.S. closed up shop, but forgot to lock the doors and worse, left the “Open” sign on the door. Worse yet, what if that store was in a high crime neighborhood? What kind of shape do you think the store would be in the next morning? In Toronto, a tire shop did just that and there might have been some disappointed customers, but they were very Canadian (a.k.a. polite) about it.

The owners of Tires Tires Ltd. in the Jane-Finch neighborhood of Toronto were distracted by a last-minute customer. When they closed, Diego Catala, who owns the store with his mother and father, left the doors unlocked, the security system off and the “Open” sign on the door. A few people wandered into the store but they just looked around and left.

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“They could have taken a set of tires, rims, batteries,” Catala said, adding some of the more high-end parts would cost thousands. “They could have just helped themselves. But no one did.”

One man did try to find the owners. He went to the counter looking for clues to the owners’ whereabouts and with no luck, he flipped the sign to “closed” and left. Then the man called the police who contacted the owners.

The Jane-Finch neighborhood is one of Toronto’s most violent and generally crime-filled locations.

Here’s the video:

H/T: Toronto Sun | Featured image via video screenshot.


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