That Time Prince Played Purple Rain At The Super Bowl In The Rain Like A BOSS (VIDEO)

On April 21, 2016, the world lost a legendary member rock ‘n’ roll royalty known simply as Prince.

But the man born as Prince Rogers Nelson was anything but simple. He was a genius who at a young age, taught himself how to play piano, drums, and guitar.

Many credit Prince as giving birth to the musical genre called “Neo Soul,” which contains elements of jazz, hip-hop, funk, fusion, and African Music.

Prince’s timeless ballads like Purple Rain touched a universal truth that defied all generational, social, religious, and political boundaries. Prince was an inspirational figure throughout the world, who’s music spoke the universal language of love.

During 2007’s Super Bowl half-time show in Miami, Florida, Prince played a full 30 minute set in the pouring rain. Finishing this legendary performance with his signature song, Purple Rain, he cemented his place in rock ‘n’ roll as well as NFL history.

Here’s a short documentary about that legendary performance.

Prince wasn’t just an artist or a musician. He was a force of music that will live on forever.

Featured image via YouTube.

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