Thanks Obama! President’s Visit Brings Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Best Ratings In Two Years (VIDEO)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been on the air for over two years. In that time, he has spoken to many political figures, including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The First Lady also visited Fallon a few times. In his first week, she and Fallon showed us the evolution of Mom Dancing. That show pulled in a huge audience, as did later appearances by the First Lady.

Thursday night’s show made history as Barack Obama became the first sitting President to visit The Tonight Show. Yeah, the naysayers can whine about it “demeaning the office” and such (as if they don’t do that every day) but President Obama was fantastic. He and Fallon slow jammed the news, chatted about the election and, finally, wrote a few Thank-You notes.

The show brought in the best ratings for The Tonight Show since the week it premiered. The ratings can be esoteric, but I’ll try to make some sense of them. The appearance of Obama brought the show a 3.6 household rating and a 9 share. That means that 3.6 percent of all households (homes with a TV set) were tuned in and, among those, 9 percent actually watched the show. A rating (3.6%) is based on the entire sample of households with a TV while the share is based on those actively watching.

That might not sound like much but realize that there are over 115 million television households. So a 3.6 rating means that a little over 3.4 million households were tuned in. Usually, around half of those are actively viewing. That’s further broken down into demographics but let’s not go there. The point is, a lot of Americans tuned in to see Obama make fun of Trump with Jimmy Fallon.

Ratings like The Tonight Show pulled in on Thursday are huge for a late night talk show. President Obama was a great guest: funny, charming and sharp. The Thank-You notes were a treat. Fallon wrote the last one. In it he thanked President Obama:

… for serving our nation with dignity, class, patience, eloquence, optimism, and integrity…

Amen to that. I am going to miss that man so much. Hopefully, Obama will come back to visit Fallon on The Tonight Show a lot more once he’s just another citizen.

Here’s the clip of the Thank-You notes segment:


Featured Image courtesy of NBC

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