STFU Trump! Obama Actually Paying Back More Air Force One Costs Than Any Other President

Always frivolous and always having blood coming out of his wherever, Donald Trump has been throwing a hissy fit over President Obama using Air Force One to fly to North Carolina hold a rally with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. And being the shallow narcissist that he is, he expressed his outrage on Twitter.

Trump is like the deranged crew on Fox & Friends but way more offensive; he loves casually throwing out right-wing dog whistles whilst trying to appear innocent. And he just showed that there’s yet another issue over which he has little if any grasp. 

Yes, taxpayers typically fund the cost of travel associated with using Air Force One. However, President Obama was the first president to ever reimburse the government for doing so during his reelection campaign. Here’s how it works:

The pimped out Boeing 747 that serves as Air Force One costs $179,750 an hour to operate, according to the latest Pentagon calculations, which means that presidential travel costs can rise faster than Trump’s unfavorability ratings. These exorbitant costs notwithstanding, “these White Houses aren’t doing anything wrong,” says Brendan Doherty, an assistant professor at the U.S. Naval Academy who’s written a book on presidential campaigning. Doherty also says that if a President had to pay out pocket for travel expenses relating to political purposes, he would never travel anywhere – which would seriously impair his ability to govern.

But here’s a fact that trump conveniently overlooks: President Obama is the first president to work under new rules adopted by the Federal Election Commission in 2009 to implement a lobbying and ethics reform law passed by Congress in 2007. FEC rules clearly specify that when there is any political activity at a particular stop, all travel to that destination must be reimbursed. And ever since regulatory changes in 2010, it can be said that the Democratic Party has actually been paying more than in previous years.

But leave it to Trump to throw a hissy fit without first looking at the facts.

Featured image via NotionsCapital and Getty| Lintao Zhang 

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