Stewart And Colbert Make Comedy Magic Together, Colbert Brings Back His Conservative Character (VIDEO)

As a political comedian and fellow Jerseyian, I have been following Jon Stewart ever since he remade and revolutionized the Daily Show. There is absolutely nobody deserving of taking his place (or even trying to take his place in the marginally talented Trevor Noah), so it was orgasmic to see both Stewart and his longtime partner in crime Steven Colbert collaborate once again. Better still, Colbert reprised the dyspeptic conservative character that made him famous.

While the finale of The Colbert Report saw Colbert achieve immortality after killing the grim reaper, tonight we finally learned of his whereabouts all these months later. After hitching a sleigh ride with Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek, Colbert retired to a cabin in the middle of the woods, where he lives with Jon Stewart. Together, the two  icons live off the grid, making jerky and canning their own urine. Of course, this was all until they discovered that Donald Trump, and not Jeb Bush, was the Republican presidential nominee.

Best of all, Cobert brought back his “the Word” segment just for Donald Trump.

Watch the segments below

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