Speaker Paul Ryan Just Dropped A SHOCKING Truthbomb On Trump’s Wiretapping Conspiracy (VIDEO)

Donald Trump made life particularly difficult for himself by lying about something so ridiculous, not even the most spineless of Republicans are willing to defend him.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan certainly isn’t known for his courage or for standing up for what’s right, but on Thursday he smacked down one of Trump’s most insane conspiracy theories and completely humiliated the untrustworthy POTUS.

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In taking questions from reporters, Ryan took on Trump’s tweets that accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones in the Trump Tower prior to the presidential election. For someone who is basically afraid to stand up for anything, Ryan’s response was pretty epic. He said:

The intelligence committees — in their continuing, ongoing, and widening investigation into all things Russia — got to the bottom, at least so far with respect to our intelligence community, that no such wiretap existed.”

The reporters continued to question Ryan on the matter, even bringing up Trump’s more recent comments from a Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson in which the POTUS continued to insist that the wiretap had occurred despite being denounced by pretty much everyone. Ryan tried to end the conversation right there and then, stating, “I didn’t see his interview” and once again insisting that the case was closed – no wiretapping had occurred.

You can watch that brilliant moment below:

To see Trump being condemned and called out as a liar by one of the most prominent Republicans the GOP has is extremely satisfying and only further illustrates how upset and frustrated conservatives are with Trump’s lies and the permanent, irreversible damage he is doing to the GOP’s reputation. In only his first two months in the White House, Trump has bogged down productivity with all the investigations that must be launched due to his lies and conspiracies.

Trump was ordered to provide the Justice Department with evidence of Obama’s alleged “wiretapping” on Monday, and he failed to do so. The Trump administration is now begging for more time to gather proof of the non-existent wiretapping, but we all know they’re just wasting everyone’s time. Not even the GOP believes Trump anymore, and they’re getting closer and closer to letting him sink his own ship.

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